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I. Introduction Main fire alarm and fire control linkage system (FAS) is building an internal unit Smoke Detector , Temperature detectors and analog display plate composition, when the event of a fire sprinkler water or other fire extinguishing liquid gas, after Smoke Control Rule out the smoke generated by fires and prevent the spread of the system collectively. Usually automatic fire alarm system to protect objects according to their use of nature, fire danger, evacuation and fire fighting more difficult and so into super, primary and secondary. A class of buildings, the division of Type II architecture in line with current national standard, “Code for Fire Protection Design of Tall Buildings” GB50045 requirements; industrial plants, warehouse fire hazard classification should be consistent with current national standard “architectural design code for fire protection” GBJ16 provisions .

Host connected equipment and fire main fire alarm Probe , Automatic sprinkler systems, linkage control, 24-volt DC power supply, fire calls, fire broadcast its data at both ends of the signal line surge arresters must be connected in series, and audio signals must be connected in series audio line arrester, DC power supply will need to DC power supply arrester, NOTE: Fire alarm probe is often transmitted analog sensor signal, when the custom arrester attention not to occur when the signal attenuation through arrester.

Second, design basis According to GB50343-2004 “building Electronic Information Systems Lightning Protection Standards “Chapter V: Lightning Protection Design; GB50057-94 (2000 Edition)” Lightning in design, “Chapter VI: Prevention of Lightning Electromagnetic Pulse; IV, section 6.4.1 to 6.4. 12 LPZ1 area of the SPD (SPD) requirements and YD/T5098-2001 ” Communicate Office (stations) Lightning Protection Design Standards “Part V: SPD’s choice; Article 5.3: Signal line with the SPD; Article 5.5: computer, controller, Monitor System network data line SPD’s demands with reference to IEC61643-3 “Low Voltage Surge Protection System exclusive device” Part 3 “in the SPD in the application of telecommunications systems” and IEC61644- 119 97 “Communication systems SPD” standards, protection for communication lines, cable lines need to use the equipment into 8/20 s waveform, flow capacity 5KA signal surge protector will be a few kV line over-voltage limit lightning strike allowable value to the device.

Third, the implementation of measures 1, power supply and signal lines shielded cabling system and a good grounding

Shielding is the use of metal shield to block and the attenuation increases in the electronic device of electromagnetic interference or voltage energy. Concrete shielding can be divided into building, equipment, and various cable shield (including pipelines) of the shield. The shield can be used building steel buildings, metal frame, metal doors are floor Dengjun connected together to form a Faraday cage, and to network with a reliable electrical connection to form a network of primary screening. Screening equipment should be resistant to the over-voltage electronic devices based on the level of investigation by the International Electrotechnical Commission IEC division of the lightning protection zone (LPZ) implementation of multi-level screening. Shielding effect of the first depends on the degree of attenuation of the primary shielding net, followed depends on the shield of the radio wave reflection loss and absorption loss level. Of the households of metal pipes, communication lines and power cables before in-home screening (using shielded cables or wear metal tube) Ground handling.

2, bonding

Bonding is part of the internal lightning protection device, which aims to reduce lightning current caused by the potential difference. Such potential is to connect wires or over-voltage (surge) protection devices will be in need of space, the lightning protection device, the metal frame buildings, metal device, external of the wire, electrical equipment, telecommunications devices connected to form bonding network, in order to achieve both pressure and other potential protective space to prevent the need for fire, explosion, danger, and equipment damage. Room metal doors, metal frame ground, and other potential deal.

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