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GRE is the requirement of many universities for graduating school applicants. A high score of GRE will make your admission decision process easy. The thing is you must know what’s on the GRE and what areas you need the most help on to take the score. Take a look at GRE study guide.


The Educational Testing Service (ETS) is responsible for the GRE. In most situations it is taken on a computer, though paper versions do exist and may be used when the computerized version is not available. There are three multiple choice portions and a written part. There are many versions of the test, so one could take the test several times without getting much repetition of questions.


There are also eight Subject Tests that are optional parts of the GRE. They test knowledge in specific subject areas. One can take the GRE without taking any of them, though one or more of them may be required to be considered for some graduate programs. This article only discusses how to prepare for the main GRE.


According to the ETS, preparation or training for the GRE is not useful. This is because the GRE is testing very basic knowledge, including analytical thinking, writing, and both verbal and numerical reasoning. None of these can be acquired in a short time period. Others argue that the GRE format is so formal that taking similar tests in this format is useful practice.


ETS provides the PowerPrep software package for those who are signed up to take the GRE. This preparation software includes practice questions and review material. The questions are retired from previous GRE versions. It can project the score you will receive on the actual GRE.


A number of GRE study guides, some of them free, are out there. Not all of them take the same approach. Some focus on practice, even practicing the whole test. In other cases the main focus is to try to rehash the material that the GRE is testing. Some have approaches to figuring out and answering GRE questions. Others have ideas for how to write the essays in the writing portion.


GRE preparation classes are available. These provide preparation in a classroom environment. The cost will generally be higher than other approaches, but they do provide for discussion and face to face question and answer. Some of them even have practice tests on computers much like the GRE experience.


There is no set way to approach GRE preparation. Some will not do any prep, others may select one of the options discussed here. ETS doesn’t think preparation is possible, but clearly there are other opinions on this.


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