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“Automatic fire alarm system design” GB50116-98 for the mandatory national standard, since June 1, 1999 implementation. For the following purposes of this discussion, referred to as the “new norm” of the original “automatic fire alarm system design” GBJ116-88 shall be repealed simultaneously. Following referred to as “the original specification.” The new specification is divided into 10 chapters and five appendices 108. The original specification has eight chapters and four appendices were 84. The following sub-sections for learning and discussion:?

Chapter I General Provisions, of the original specification and new specification are 4, Section 1.0.1 of this Code section is to specify the formulation of the purpose of this article, the new standard by deleting the original specification, “early detection and notification of fire” and “defend the socialist modernization, “two words. Make the provisions more concise, but the substance is the same. Automatic fire alarm system is Trigger conditions , Fire alarm, fire alarm devices, and other support functions with the composition of the fire alarm system installed. This standard not only for our engineers to design fire alarm system provides a unified, the more scientific Technology Standards for supervision and management of public security fire department provides the technical basis for supervision and management. ?

Article 1.0.2 and Article 1.0.3 or that new standard with the original specification made on the change in priorities. More in line with standard provisions of the logic. Section 1.0.2 by deleting the new specifications of the original specification, “an explosive hazard,” the words. This section the scope of this specification and not the scope of application. The specification developed mainly for industrial and civil buildings set fire alarm system, without involving other objects and occasions, such as ships, aircraft, trains and so on. This standard does not apply to the production and storage of gunpowder, explosives, ammunition, pyrotechnics and other places to set the fire alarm system. This is because the production and storage sites of these products belong to the special place of explosion risk, such occasions to install automatic fire alarm has its special requirements, should be the norm separately. ?

Section 1.0.3 by deleting the new standard is only expressed in the original specifications are not strictly of the “easy” four words. This provision of the fire alarm system design must follow the basic principles and basic requirements to be met. Characteristics of the subjects for protection, automatic fire alarm design is an important principle. Designers should carefully analyze the specific characteristics of the object, according to standard rules and the basic spirit of the principles put forward concrete and practical design, where necessary, through research, consultation with interested parties, and with the supervision department of the local public security fire agreed. Design must be safe to apply advanced technology, economic rationality, which is the design of automatic fire alarm system the basic requirement. In the meet the requirements of the premise, be simple shirt, reduce investment, to avoid wastage. ?

Section 1.0.4 of this article is to provide standards and other relevant norms of the relationship between the new regulations is a provision: “automatic fire alarm system design, in addition to the implementation of the norms, there should be consistent with existing national standards of the Mandatory , specification requirements. ” This is one more than the original specification to add a “mandatory” three words. In addition to expertise in the design scope of the technical requirements of the provisions should be implemented, but also outside the scope of the implementation of the relevant professional standards, specifications, and not in conflict with them. The provisions referred to “the existing norms relating to compulsory national standards,” mainly “business layer evacuation index”, “architectural design code for fire protection,” “people’s air defense fire protection design,” ” Car Library, repair garage, parking lot for fire protection design, “” supply and distribution system specification “and” off the water sprinkler system design specifications, “” low multiples Foam System design, “” high expansion, the expansion foam fire extinguishing systems, “” carbon dioxide Fire extinguishing system Design Code “,” water spray fire extinguishing systems, “and so on. ?

Chapter terminology, this chapter is not the original specification, the new norms established in this chapter is easy to understand and implement this specification should master a few basic terms. Article 2.0.1 2.0.2 Article I, section alarm region, detecting areas of practical significance is to facilitate system design and management. An alarm set to a regional general fire alarm control region

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