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Due to the advanced technology used in modern fire and burglar alarms, many people have been scared off. They don’t see themselves as technologically-savvy, and why waste good money on something they’ll never be able to operate? However, these are not good excuses for denying safety and security to your family, customers, or employees. If you have a building where there are people, you should have high-quality fire alarms and anti-theft devices installed right away. These systems have proven their worth in the number of lives they have saved.

The Misconceptions that Cripple Judgment

Misconceptions are everywhere in our society. Misinformation flows from person to person, from TV shows and newscasts, and from every imaginable source. Misconceptions can give you a skewed picture of yourself and your surroundings. Fortunately, we have other people who can set us straight. Discussing things like fire alarm control panels and systems with others can help clear up the misconceptions and set you on the road to truth.

Misconception #1: Fire alarm control panels are too expensive for anyone but the wealthy. This fact is no longer true. Back in the 19th and 20th centuries, when each unit was laboriously hand built, they were financially out of reach for most people. Modern technology has changed all that, however. Factories are now able to produce fire alarms much quicker and of less expensive materials, so they can make them available at much lower prices. They take pride in making this life-saving technology affordable for everyone.

Misconception #2: Fire alarm control panels are undependable. Never has this statement been so untrue. Modern manufacturers have technology available that ensures a reliable, trouble-free end product. Plus, they know that customer satisfaction is the only means of survival they have. They work hard at producing the most trustworthy products on the market in order to stay in business.

Misconception #3: No outside functions can be attached to your fire alarm control panel. Come on now, get real. Fire alarm control panels are hooked to computers, and computers can be used in almost any application you can think of. You can easily have your alarm system connected to your local fire station. This way they will get the alarm immediately and be able to respond in a hurry.

Misconception #5: It’s okay to buy a cheap fire alarm control panel. This is the kind of thinking that takes lives. Since your control panel operates your entire system, it should be of high-enough quality to depend on to keep everything running smoothly. It also gives you some manual options to override the system should an emergency arise. It will let you turn smoke and heat detectors on an off, and it will allow you manual access to the nearest fire station.

Even if the information in the preceding paragraphs didn’t convince you, they still provided food for thought. Use them wisely when shopping for a new control panel. It’s a matter of life and death.

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