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Automatic fire alarm system in building fire in the central role that early detection of fire, and the prompt start of the relevant alarm, fire smoke, fire fighting equipment, building on early detection and control of fire, is of great role, is building an important means of using technology fire. With the rapid socio-economic development of various high-rise buildings, underground buildings, shopping malls are emerging, dance halls, sauna and other dance and Movies Entertainment throughout the urban and rural areas, building automatic fire facilities are increasing and becoming more perfect, intelligent and stable resistance are continuously improved. But the reality is not the case, according to the automatic fire facilities in the local investigation of view, the construction of automatic fire alarm system installed there in a lot of problems, directly restricts the performance of the system of automatic play, impact and threat of the fire safety of buildings and sites. Automatic alarm control system quality and system selection, installation, commissioning of any link, the system will be left to the fatal issue, some of the building fire alarm system is already sick from the construction of state. Automatic fire alarm is now affecting the construction quality control system for a few remarks:

One, the problems and causes (A) of the system inherent quality defect or for specific site selection system. Found in the actual work of a master alarm system works, detectors, manual alarm button is not a producer, not the same batch of product, but manufacturers of the equipment which will use the factory cheap, mixed products of several manufacturers as a system . We all know that in the electronics industry is extremely competitive, technological development of enterprises in order to ensure the interests of manufacturers of products in various different technical parameters, with incompatible features. Through to the city’s fire alarm system in the survey, automatic fire alarm system not functioning accounted for 20% of the total.

(B) construction standards are not high, leading to system functions can not function properly. Acceptance from the reality of the situation works, installation directly from the manufacturer’s product, the system can function more complete construction by the fire installation and commissioning of the system function units are many flaws. Reasons: First, the construction unit of fire engineering machinery to implement “standard”, but can not find the “norms” and the product of the combination of points, leading to a comprehensive system function can not be developed effectively. Second, the construction of fire engineering construction unit lower the quality of personnel, construction of rough behavior and other reasons, construction and installation of qualified products has been made into a substandard product. Changzhou city, such as a large office building in the early 90s of last century building, the investment far exceeds the investment budget, the time when the construction stopped, for a long period, was completed at the end of 2000. The mall fire alarm system installed in the test run, the system can not function properly, the fire detector groups of false positives. After identification, these fire detectors in 1998 and purchased and kept in a damp basement for nearly two years, by replacing these detectors, the system running now. Third, the construction of cutting corners. Some of the construction unit cost, man-made cause the system to reduce the control module does not work correctly, some deliberately reduce the insulation strength of the signal transmission line, such as a hospital of building area in accordance with the design requirements of automatic fire alarm system installed, and after Fire acceptance into use. Fire departments in the hospital building, fire inspection, they found automatic fire alarm system in the manual alarm button in the wet weather, the phenomenon of large-scale failure, causing the system is not working. By the technical staff of the manual alarm button signal transmission line with a 500V Megohmmeter measure the insulation, the insulation resistance value was found on the ground far below the “fire alarm installation and acceptance” (GB50166-92) section 2.2.13 Article provisions of 20M , then issued a “correction notice period,” a deadline for rectification of this fire hazard. In the rectification process, the construction unit that is the product quality problem, the manufacturer said it was the quality of construction and installation of a problem, went wrong in the end? 1:00 Nanbian authenticity. In order to eliminate this fault, the fire department took two measures: first of all require manual alarm button fault in the display and replaced, secondly, the construction unit to re-examine records and spot checks of construction manual alarm button signal transmission line to see whether the construction unit welding wire according to rules already, it can eliminate the fault. Check one for each construction unit, and product supply unit technical personnel to the scene to verify, but replace the manual alarm button again after testing, the problem still exists, then re-examine the issue of signal transmission line construction, to replace the line by the post, again test results on the ground insulation resistance greater than 20M , with the required automatic fire alarm system re-opened, have been running so far.

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