Ensure Your Home Is Electrically Grounded And Avoid Hazards

The recent report published by National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) showed that 38,300 home fires were reported in Atlanta, Georgia in the last 5 years, and that most of them could have been easily avoided if the homes were properly grounded.

The NFPA suggested that lack of knowledge about the home electrical wiring was one of the main reasons for electrical fire related accidents. In the year 2008, 5 electrical fires in Atlanta homes that caused 18 fatalities made residents sit up and take notice of the fact that if electricity is manhandled, it can turn lethal.

One of the simplest ways to make your home safe and secure is to ensure your home is electrically grounded. It is one of the best preventive measures to ascertain that all the metallic parts of an electrical circuit and electrical wiring is grounded and attached to the earth. For complete safety of your home, you should hire an Atlanta Electrical Contractor to make sure care that all the 120 and 240 volts circuits in your homes are properly grounded.

Know more about electrical grounding

Electrical grounding your electrical system to the earth will ensure that any voltage fluctuation in the electricity circuit will be directed into the earth, where it will be safely absorbed. The electrical grounding installed in your home by experienced Atlanta electricians doesnt work during normal times, but whenever there is a malfunction, it helps protect the family from fires and electric shocks.

You should get your home electrically grounded as it serves the following purposes:

Excess-voltage protection: Line surges, lightning, or unintentional contact with high voltage current line can make excess current flow through your electric wires, which can prove to be dangerous

Stabilize voltage and protect your family and electrical equipments from damages that could be caused due to excessive flow of current by directing it to the best grounding means in the world- earth.

How electricians do Electrical Grounding

Depending on the existing wiring in your home, electrical grounding is done by the electricians. For example, if a metal conduit is being used to run electrical wires, the conduit itself acts like a grounding path-when grounded properly. If your house wiring is done using non-metallic sheathed cable (Romex), then a grounding wire might be needed-if the cable doesnt come equipped with a grounding conductor.

When getting your home electrically grounded, ensure that the electricians follow the guidelines as issued by the National Electrical Code (NEC). For complete safety, it is important that all the circuits present in your home are grounded. Receptacles installed in your bathroom, kitchen and home exteriors should all be grounded.

Electrical grounding should be done only by licensed experienced electrical contractor in Atlanta, Georgia.

A properly grounded home can be a safe haven for its occupants. Click on Electrician Atlanta GA. Have an electrical contractor check your home. Contact McCall Enterprises at Atlanta Electrical Contractors. Also, visit www.mccallent.com


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