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Hotel is for tourists to stay at home and abroad, dining and holding meetings, functions. Hotels generally have a modern multi-functional, comprehensive features, catering, accommodation, entertainment, shopping as a whole, it is easy to cause fire. Automatic fire alarm system for early detection of fires and fires in the early fighting, reduce the fire to maximize casualties, economic losses and adverse social effects play an important role.

1, simplifying the overall structure of the system design
Automatic fire alarm system consists of Trigger conditions , Fire Alarm Devices, and linkage control system, etc.. System works as shown in Figure 1:

Figure 1, the principle of automatic fire alarm system plan
2, trigger devices In automatic fire alarm system, automatic or manual fire alarm signal devices generate, including manual alarm button and fire detectors. Manual alarm button is manually generated fire alarm signal devices, fire detectors are able to fire parameters (smoke, temperature, light, flame radiation, gas concentration, etc.) response, and automatically generate a fire alarm signal devices. The hotel-style buildings, in order to accurately forecast fire place, minimize the false alarm rate detector, use Smoke Detector , Temperature detector to form a regional network of fire detectors. Room bedroom, study, dining, reception room with a buzzer base using detectors, detectors of Arbitrary room fire alarm signal to the control room at the same time trigger buzzer beeps to alert the sleeping or working in the state of the guests rapid evacuation.

1) smoke detectors Smoke fire detector is the sensor response using a small smoke suspended in the atmosphere around the vicinity of the burning and (or) the pyrolysis of smoke aerosols (solid or liquid particles) a fire detector. Generally ion-type and photoelectric smoke detector. The system adopts photoelectric type smoke detectors. Photoelectric smoke detectors detect smoke from a room, which has a light source and a photosensitive element. Source of light exposure to the light-sensitive components generally can not last, but when smoke entered, the light scattering produced in the smoke, so the light shines some light-sensitive element, the smoke more dense, scattering light to the photosensitive element on the more, Photographic element then optical signals are converted into signals output fire control.

2) thermal detectors

Early stage in the fire, using the thermal device to detect the time of the fire is an effective means. Thermal fire detector can be divided according to its mechanism set temperature fire detector, fire detector and the differential temperature difference of three fixed temperature fire detector. The system used air temperature difference between pipe type fire detectors. It consists of the air tube and diaphragm and the circuit components, when the ambient temperature changes slowly, thermal expansion of the air inside the air tube, after the leakage from the diaphragm hole escape, it will not promote the corrugated sheets, electrical contacts will not close; when temperature rise quickly, the air tube thermal expansion of the air quickly, too late leakage from the diaphragm of the escape hole, the membrane chamber pressure increased to promote the corrugated film displacement, so that contact closure, resulting in a fire alarm signal.

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