7 Myths About Burglar and Fire Alarm Systems

People have a variety of misconceptions about home security systems and home fire alarm systems. Let’s look at seven such common myths, providing concise insight into what these systems really do and how they work.

Myth #1 – My home is insured, so I’m already covered.

Insurance doesn’t prevent a loss; insurance compensates you after the loss. You’ll still experience the time and trouble of dealing with replacing your stuff and getting your settlement … and some of your sentimental possessions may not be replaceable at all. A security or fire alarm system will protect your home and valuables by deterring and warding off would-be burglars, summoning the authorities, and notifying you and anyone else you designate.

Myth #2 – I don’t need a fire alarm system because I have battery operated smoke detectors.

Any smoke detector will wake you in the event of fire, if they have good batteries. System-connected smoke detectors also call the fire department, even if you’re not home, to help save your home and property – and they don’t require batteries.

Myth #3 – My home won’t be burglarized because there’s always someone home.

A monitored security system will alert the police of a break-in, provide your family with an easy to activate panic alarm, and deter thieves, avoiding a potentially dangerous confrontation.

Myth #4 – Frequent false alarms make alarm systems more trouble than they’re worth.

A security system installed and maintained by trained, licensed professionals should only go off when it is supposed to. If you are experiencing false alarms, consult with an alarm professional to discuss reconfiguring your system, replacing or relocating detection devices, or retraining your users.

Myth #5 – A security system will ruin the look of my home with unsightly wires and devices.

Although it is sometimes difficult to conceal all the wiring, professional installers have been trained to minimize exposed wire, and to install devices as unobtrusively as possible. Be clear with your salesperson about your desire for an attractive aesthetic appearance, and then go over it again with your installers when they come to perform the installation.  Review proposed wiring routes with them to be sure you approve.

Myth #6 – I can’t afford an alarm system in my home.

A good alarm company should be able to satisfy your security needs within your budget. Also, your system can always be expanded in the future as your needs change, so you can start with a small system that will be better than nothing, and add more devices in the future. Your system can be professionally monitored for less than the cost of cable TV, and you’ll probably get a discount on your homeowner’s insurance for having a monitored alarm system.

Myth #7 – Security systems are so complicated and difficult to operate, my family will never be able to use one.

Personalized, easy-to-remember codes make the system easy to use; simple commands make calling the police, fire department or ambulance easier than using the phone. Your professional installer will make sure that everyone in your home knows how to operate your new security system.

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  1. It’s interesting that people think that they don’t need a fire alarm because they have battery operated smoke detectors. It makes sense that these smoke detectors don’t have much reliability in terms of long term use. It’s something to remember because I want my family to be safe so when looking at security systems, having an integrated fire alarm could be helpful.

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