Fire Alarm System Performance Evaluation: Large

In recent years, with the rapid development of China’s economic construction and great progress in building technology, with new design concepts and structure of large public buildings, such as stadiums, airport terminals, large-scale dance theater, convention centers, libraries, Shopping mall, and other emerging technology city, as urban construction and development throughout the area signs.

These large public buildings, the main features are:

(1) capacity, building or floor area of buildings usually are more than 20,000 square meters;

(2)-function, large public buildings both high-level public office buildings, hotels and restaurants, there are various types of Shopping Centre (supermarket), cultural activities, including office, shopping and entertainment functions into one;

(3) staff-intensive, large public buildings with a dense, liquid, in the event Fire , The fire spread quickly, smoke spread quickly, evacuation and fire fighting difficult.

The rapid development of large public buildings, in raising awareness of production efficiency and quality of life at the same time, to the building fire safety design and Fire Supervisory review brought new issues, but also to the automatic fire Alarm Performance of the system put forward higher requirements.

Large public buildings by the building structure, and use the special features of complexity, when the fire broke its features and phenomena with a general building fire vary. Especially in some specific design of large public buildings will often fire standard or specification is not available over the particular circumstances. Coupled with automatic fire alarm system of the capabilities are quite different, resulting in fire protection design units, fire departments and fire protection supervision and management intermediary rating agencies in hopes of automatic fire alarm system to carry out scientific and standardized performance evaluation.

For these reasons, we urgently need to carry out large-scale public building fire alarm system of performance evaluation Technology Research, development of relevant standards and specifications of large public buildings fire alarm system design performance evaluation, for large public buildings fire alarm system design, equipment selection, engineering equipment, fire protection bidding application and evaluation of management and intermediary organizations system design review plans based on scientific evaluation applications. National Standardization Technical Committee

the sixth division of the Fire Technical Committee 2?? Nine on September 15 release on the National Fire Protection Standardization Technical Committee Technical Committee of the Sixth Sub-standard notification for comments.

Standardization Technical Committee of the National Fire Plan to formulate and revise standards for the requirements of Shenyang Fire Research Institute Ministry of Public Security carried out a number of national standards and public safety industry standard preparation. At present, the group has completed the preparation of draft, draft of the standard now widely consulted, and on September 25, the amendments to mail, fax or Electronic The way the message sent to the sixth division of the National Standardization Technical Committee Technical Committee. Welcome to members of the standards for their valuable revisions.

“Performance Evaluation of Automatic Fire Alarm System Guide Part 2: large-scale application systems in public buildings,” draft download

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