Electrical Fire System And Fire Alarm Systems To Share A System Cost Analysis

Abstract: Electrical Fire Fire alarm system with the building design and engineering specifications of the sound and the increased popularity and improved at the same time people are electrical fires Detector The application has put forward new requirements for fire alarm systems can share with a platform, this paper is to work for the electrical characteristics of fire detectors and fire alarm system Technology Requirements of analysis, hope, and work together to enhance the electrical fire alarm system design, application, construction of understanding, a more reasonable application of electrical fire alarm system to effectively prevent electrical fires.

Key words: electrical fire alarm system fire performance comparison of platform sharing

I. Introduction Recent years, with Electronic Technology, high sensitivity, rapid action leakage protection device was a great deal of development, China’s production of large leakage protection product manufacturers, product variety, the state developed the “residual current electric fire detector” GB14287.2? 2005 State standard for electrical characteristics of fire detectors, classification, working conditions and installation conditions, structure and performance requirements, test methods, inspection rules made clear. Electrical fire detectors in response to electric shock and leakage protection with high sensitivity, and fast action, this point is far more than other electric leakage protection. By contrast, when the automatic switch and fuse the normal load current through the main role of the system in phases to cut short-circuit current fault. The electrical system of fire detectors is the use of residual current response and action, the normal run-time system, the remaining current was almost zero, occurs when the electrical system or equipment enclosure charged personal electric shock occurs when a large residual current value, electric fire detection collection device through the signal detection unit, treated the residual current signal, a reliable first pre-alarm, cut off by the judge Power supply .

Electrical fire detector known as leakage protection switch, a major role in the detection of leakage overload and short circuit electrical circuit failure occurs when the electrical circuit or equipment failure, an alarm signal, cutting off power supply after treatment, as well as to professionals sending alarm messages to notify the relevant personnel such as fault in time, electrical fire detectors not only can turn on or off the main circuit, but also on the leakage current, overload, short circuit detection and real-time online check function, leakage occurs when the main circuit or insulation damage, electrical fire detector can determine the results, the first early warning signal, when the leakage current value reached dangerous values, can be set manually or automatically power-off mode will turn on or off the main circuit switching elements. Current models of electric fire detector used widely, there are several common types:

1) only with the leakage, overload, short circuit protection power function, and the machine with the power sector;

2) only has a leakage alarm protection;

3) both short-circuit, overload, leakage current, overvoltage, undervoltage function;

4) can simultaneously detect multiple control points collected leakage alarm signal;

5) electrical fire detectors can live alone, but also the composition of the system;

Second, the technical performance of shared systems, investment comparison analysis

General everyone a better understanding of fire alarm systems are not repeated here, in the fire control room or the duty room, the separate electrical fire control system settings, or with the fire alarm system, depending on the number of detectors the number of electrical fires , I propose the detector is less than eight, to share a system, the detector alarm can always add addresses to open points modules for remote transmission of data, of course, this feature is rather simplistic, can only identify which regions alarm state and can not be more multi-detector-related electrical remote monitoring of information, such as: leakage current value, alarm status, remote manual power-off functions,

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