High Building Fire Alarm And Fire Control Case Study

As the development of urban modernization, more and more high-rise buildings, according to the specifications, to be located in the building on fire alarm system. Here, I only automatic fire alarm and fire control linkage system design to talk about the personal views of such design.

I. Projects Overview: In the Asian Games Village in Beijing-based Fortune Garden, near the main building and auxiliary building the whole project by the composition of the underground second floor for the air defense, basement parking, and equipment for the buildings, a floor 4 floor shopping malls, 5-story 22 level for residential, Annex, with pump house, substation, boiler room, administrative offices, with a total construction area of 50,000 square meters.

Second, automatic fire alarm and fire linkage control system design:

1. Program to determine: In the design of automatic fire alarm and fire control linkage system, the first clear buildings architectural features and functional characteristics, to understand the building’s fire protection engineering design of facilities in other specialties, especially equipment (air, water) for the electrical professional the specialized design requirements and then characterized according to the specifications of the building to determine the system’s overall structure. According to “Building Energy Standards”, and “automatic fire alarm system design”, the project for the Type II high-rise buildings, fire alarm protection is a secondary object. The building’s fire alarm and fire control linkage system of the centralized alarm system, which has the following components

A. Fire control room (located on the first floor): equipped with centralized alarm controller, bus linkage control panel and multi-line linkage control panel, fire telephone switchboard, fire radio equipment.

B. Detection circuit: 1. Thermal detectors: located in underground parking and other places normally smoke.

2. Smoke Detector: located in the residential portion of the elevator rooms, public corridors, staircases, halls and shopping centers operating outside all the rooms except the bathroom, fire pump, variable with which, elevator machine room, duty room All public buildings such as houses.

3. Hydrant button: All fire hydrants (channel specializes) above.

4. Manual alarm button: Underground inventory, shopping malls and residential part of the public areas.

5. Flow indicator and wet alarm valve: waterways specialist position.

C. Control circuit: 1. Fire broadcast television or multimedia alarm: set position with the detector.

2. Fire shutter doors: located in the underground garage and shopping malls.

3. Positive pressure blower: notes on the roof.

4. Exhaust fan: from professional to provide ventilation, including exhaust ports, and fire dampers.

D. Other: emergency lighting and evacuation instructions to lighting, position as follows:

1. Fire lift: provided by the architectural profession.

Underground parking, shopping malls, residential part of the public corridors, elevator rooms, evacuation stairs.

Linkage of the automatic alarm and fire control system to accomplish the tasks of: control center of the detection circuit to patrol, when a fire detection in the region, where the signal detector collected the scene and immediately send the signal back to control the center of the controller, the controller signals this judge, confirmed after the fire, the fire and audible alarm signals and fire emergency radio; other joint control linkage to the need to issue an enforcement signal fire equipment, including emergency lighting and fire evacuation instructions lighting devices; start the fire protection pumps and fans are to be sent; start a fire scene, exhaust fan, open the associated exhaust port, and fire dampers; elevator and make a forced landing in a standby state fire lift; cut off the supply of non-fire to eliminate the initial fire.

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