Carhartt Flame Resistant Snap Front Shirts

Carhartt is one company which seeks to make a difference. If you think that the good from this company are cheap then it is wrong but then if you look at it from the view of the wear, satisfaction and service then you really has to take this company into consideration since it provides clothes which have the best value. Carhartt is known for its flame resistant clothing and you will find the best ones in this company.

Carhartt designs its personal protective clothing keeping the safety of their customers in find. The flame resistant apparel which they produce is basically for those workers who have exposure to areas which have high risk of catching fire or electrical arcs. Plus they also have a high visibility line which is specially designed for those workers who have to be visible in their work zones. Now all of the Carhartt flame resistant clothing meets all of the NFPA-70E, OSHA and ASTM standards, plus the fabric is also tested by performing vertical flame tests after it goes through 200 industrial launderings which is twice the industry standard.

The high visibility apparel actually complies with all of the ANSVISEA 107 2004 garment requirements and these apparels are also designed with the premium fabrics along with hardware as the signature work wear. The flame resistant shirts which they have are basically made of a substantial twill or even chambray and they are even NFPA-70E complaint. Some of the styles have chest pockets which have flaps and even button closures, while the others have a button down collar, shirt tail which is shaped and even left tradesman pockets which have an easy angle pen pocket and also as double front utility pocket too. but one thing remains the same; all off the styles have a triple matched seam.

The #FRS006 is the perfect example of the means flame resistant shirt which has snap front twill. This is the apt example of a sharp workday inform which has a snap front twill. It is made of 7 ounces of Flame resistant twill and it is also of 88 per cent cotton and it even has a 12 per cent high tenacity nylon mixed with it. the main features are the snap front closure along with two chest pockets which have flaps and also snap closures. It even has a three snap cut off which is adjustable so that you can move easily. The main seams of this Carhartt flame resistant clothing is triple stuched so that it is durable. It even meets the NFPA 70E standards too.

You can get this shirt in a khaki color. but as we mentioned before, it isnt cheap buying the Carhartt clothes. If you have a regular size then it will take you around $ 70 but if you have a big or a tall size then you have to pay a little more and it will take you something around $ 80 or more.

Alden has been around Carhartt flame-resistant clothing for over 10 years now. The new Carhartt flame-resistant snap-front is a great option for guys looking to be able to put on and take off their flame-resistant shirt. Check out the complete line of Carhartt flame-resistant clothing visit http://www.theworkwearstore.com/Carhartt-Flame-Resistant-Clothing.html with many styles and sizes to choose from.



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