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Fire forces strengthening publicity work is to promote the development of fire prevention, the promotion of an important measure for building fire fighting forces, but also vigorously promote fire forces civilized, the mighty army of the principal means. New circumstances, how to further strengthen the publicity work of the fire units to raise the overall level of fire safety publicity work force, I believe that should be “information gathering” and “work” two-pronged approach.

Collection of information work Information reporting to higher authority, reflect the situation, requesting an important way to solve the problem; also reflect the military construction and relations between officers and men, people hot and difficult issues important way. Work in the specific information that should be tightly around the central fire brigade work, seize the key concern for hot spots, analysis of the difficulties, timely capture of trends and tendencies problem. To be important, valuable information, from the “fast and accurate, the new, refined, and unique” up to grasp.

Fast. The so-called information quickly, is to work hard in the timeliness, timeliness is the vitality of the information. Practical work should be done in the “Four fast”, that is: find fast. Strengthen their political sensitivity, good at capturing trends and tendencies, early warning, exploration, research information; write fast. Cultivate the habit of the night, but found the problem and found clues, timely research, timely editorial; approval soon. Particular compilation came out negative information should be immediately sent to the leadership of approval, as far as possible not to delay the information channels; submitted soon. Major incidents must be reported within the specified time, must not delaying, cheat, or omitted.

Standards. Is to work hard in reality. Authenticity of information is a measure of the level of the important aspects of quality of information is the information of “blood.” Only real information to arouse the reader’s interest and attention; and a mix of water not only did not reference the information, and will interfere with the work of attention, confuse the people’s eyes and may even lead to wrong judgments, resulting in serious consequences. All levels are required to report information institutions should be in the spirit of responsibility and serious attitude towards the authenticity of the information reported to strengthen the verification of reported information, carry out investigation and verification, the implementation of layers of audit checks to ensure that the information reported true and reliable. While ensuring the authenticity, and reported to grew by nearly strive comprehensive.

New. Is to the content and innovation. Innovation is the soul of force development and progress. To keep up, grasp the center of work, timely, accurate, and complete and submit the application with the requisite collection of information, and effectively improve the level of information services; to enhance information on the efforts of macro guide, stood on the height of the new global circumstances and new problems, take the initiative to the overall situation, discussions of major issues, focus on priorities, the overall situation on an issue, increase the information level, covers the whole; should focus on units with the overall plans to seize the key issues of the overall situation, the idea, think of ways to reflect the overall situation and coordinating all parties.

Fine. Is to strengthen integrated efforts. Information must be integrated processing. Bits and pieces, bits and pieces of information, looking not form point of view, attract any attention, of course, can not play any role. Some of fragmented information, reflect a bias, and newly emerging issues, through an integrated refining, greatly increase the amount, you can fine quality. Therefore, only the comprehensive analysis of the efforts, can the fragmented information into the system, the individual information into general, the useless into useful information. This is the distillation of information and value-added.

Special. Is to work hard in the mining features. Mining characteristics, first of all reflect the characteristics of the times. To reflect the times, blaze new trails, and enthusiastic, pragmatic truth of our times. Second, we must reflect the regional characteristics, in the realization of catching-up by leaps and bounds in the geographical characteristics worked out with good experience and good practice. Again to reflect its own characteristics. There are differences between regions, between the different departments in the reporting of information on such differences and differences should be reflected. This information only with special, different.

Publicity Ideas to Innovation

Publicity has always been attached great importance, especially in the military, in times of war, to boost morale, motivating the establishment of front-line propaganda team’s heroic deeds during the war and greatly promote the fine traditions, played a very strong The Zhenhanzuoyong, today, fire brigade is the main battlefield of peace, the face of raging flames and billowing smoke of the fire, fire officers and soldiers I have come forward, and Huomo to a desperate struggle.

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