Automatic Fire Alarm Monitoring And Control Network Technology And Development

Abstract: From data acquisition, network transmission, the system analyzes three aspects of Center management automatic fire alarm monitoring and control network Technology Application status, and further the future of automatic fire alarm monitoring and control network technology trends.

Key words: fire Probe ; Alarm monitoring; networking

With the development of urban construction, fire hazards increasing probability of major fire upward trend. Currently installed in the building fire detection and fire alarm system installations, fire alarm in the early detection and prevention play an important role in the fire, but in the process of exposing the actual use of the product quality, equipment management, alarm handling and other issues has become more obvious, serious impact on the fire detection and alarm equipment, the normal functions. Modern Communicate And network transmission technology developed on the basis of automatic fire alarm network monitoring technology, can ensure that the fire detection and alarm systems and fire safety facilities running and play its due role in fire detection and alarm system through the transmission equipment operating data and alarm information for Fire control and fire rescue departments to provide strong support to achieve shorter warning time, rapid and accurate fire fighting and rescue, raise the overall level of disaster prevention and mitigation technologies.

1 automatic fire alarm network monitoring technology for application status

Automatic fire alarm network monitoring technology in foreign countries and regions have applied earlier, our application of this technology started in the mid-nineties of last century, but rapid development in recent years. Currently, there are many research institutes and manufacturers committed to R & D areas for the characteristics of our fire automatic fire alarm monitoring and control network technologies and related products, established in some cities Fire Alarm Monitoring network system, fire control and fire rescue to play an important role.

Fire alarm monitoring network generally fire alarm monitoring terminal (also known as fire transmission equipment, referred to as monitoring terminal) communications network alarm monitoring, alarm monitoring center of three parts. The automatic fire alarm network monitoring technology, data acquisition from the device, network transmission, and System Center management analysis and discussion of three aspects.

1.1 Equipment Data Acquisition Control terminal set in the fire safety of the general focus of the unit and user units connected to fire detection and alarm systems, fire detection and alarm systems on the equipment running and working status in real-time monitoring, through data collection, will run the data and alarm information transmitted through the communication network alarm monitoring to fire alarm monitoring center. Current monitoring data collection terminal application form There are analog monitoring and serial data communication in two ways. Currently used in fire detection and alarm systems are generally used to indicate devices with running automatic fire fighting equipment or control the output contacts. Control terminal is the use of these passive or active output contacts, by detecting current, voltage, or off of the method implementation of fire detection and alarm equipment operation and alarm status monitoring. Analog monitor mode because of its simple and effective, easy to implement, is currently widely used. The use of such methods, fire detection and alarm systems can only understand a simple device working status (such as running, fault, alarm, etc.) can not meet the current fire department’s fire safety regulatory requirements.

Serial data communication (RS-232, RS-422, RS-485, etc.) for data collection can be a good way to make up for the shortcomings of analog monitor. Fire detection and alarm system using the external serial data communication interface, control terminal can be connected with exchange of data, fire detection and alarm equipment by analyzing the data communication protocol, can be obtained from the output data is more accurate monitoring equipment, alarm site, alarm type , system status, fault information, work records and other information. To determine the authenticity of the information fire, police positions to understand and master the specific operation of equipment, a great convenience to shorten the warning time in the realization of accurate fire fighting quickly provide a reliable technical support. However, fire detection and alarm system equipment manufacturers a large variety of models, their external data communication protocol there is no uniform standards, communication protocols to monitor the terminal complex applications for data collection serial communication has brought great inconvenience, which has become a serious constraint automatic fire alarm monitoring and control network systems promote the use of difficult problems.

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