Personal Keychain Alarm

If you’re anything like my wife, you will travel five miles out of your way just to get around a stray dog. My wife loves to walk but her paths are always altered when she encounters a dog. Well, many people in the world today happen to be quite frightened of dogs; I’m just not one of them. Well, I guess if it’s big, vicious and mean enough; oh and loose – maybe. I guess then I would choose the extra five miles out the way.

I got good news though. I bought my wife a Personal Keychain Alarm and she loves it. It fits on your keychain, has a light for when it gets dark, and another button that sounds off the most annoying alarm noise, I’ve ever heard. It has a 130db personal alarm in it. Another option it has is; there’s a pin that connects the alarm unit to your keychain and if this is pulled out that same annoying sound becomes continuous until the pin is placed back into the hole.

This Personal Alarm with Flashlight does not only scare the stray dogs away but also anyone who may try to get in your way. You know what this alarm sounds like; it sounds like a professional alarm system that’s linked to the police force, swat team, or some response unit.

It’s almost like having your own personal emergency alarm system in the palm of your hand. No one will stick around while this alarm is going off; you can believe that.

Me and my wife take are walks and it seems now; we never deviate from the planned trail. Of course, she has me to protect her but that didn’t matter; she would still take another route. Now that she carries this Personal Keychain Alarm, she has become superwoman; able to go down any neighborhood street in a single stroll.

Sometimes my wife may be a little too quick on the draw. She will reach for her Personal Panic Alarm thinking she saw a dog, or when she hears shuffling feet going through the bushes; she gets ready.

Don’t forget, this mechanism also has a shiny bright light, which my wife uses constantly coming home to find the right key to enter the house. She is very pleased with the Personal Keychain Alarm which makes me pleased also.

Mark Russell, ex-marine, devoted family man, and a lover of God, giving you tips on safety, and protecting yourself against any possible abuse or assault. My business passion is getting people not only educated, but equipped with the special tools needed to prevent anyone from making you a victim of assault, crime, or abuse. Techsafety 1 http://www.Techsafetyone.com/alarm.htm



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