10 Smoke Alarm & Carbon Monoxide Detector Safety Tips

Domestic fires are a big cause of concern nowadays with the amount of technological equipments we use at home. The electronic devices that are used at home run either on electricity or powered by batteries, both of which leave scope for the occurrence of a fire. There can be hazardous material stored in the house that can ignite a fire.

These products may be in the storage or even in the kitchen. There needs to be some precaution against these materials in case they are responsible in starting a fire. It is very important to have a carbon monoxide detector in your home. You can follow some of the tips to make certain your home is protected against such scenarios.

1. You need to place smoke detectors in the places likely to be engulfed in fire. Make sure to install carbon monoxide detectors in areas like the kitchen and the basement. In addition all the staircases, all bedrooms and every hallway should contain a smoke detector.

2. Smoke detectors work on either alkaline or carbon zinc batteries. The batteries need to be changed periodically to ensure that the smoke detectors function properly and do not malfunction when the situation demands. You should get the indication that the battery is running low when a beeping sound is emitted continuously from the alarm. You also need to ensure the batteries are not dead. You can simply do this by pressing the test button once a month.

3. It is important to choose the right spot to install the detector like the ceiling or the walls. Do not install them on wall corners or joints and maintain a distance of at least four inches from the walls. In case of ceiling maintain a space of about 12 inches. Do not install it near electronic devices as they may get damaged. Do not install them near windows as drafts reduce the working of the detectors.

4. Get dual sensor smoke detectors for your home to detect both smoldering and flaming fires.

5. Smoke detectors should be replaced once every ten years or even before if you notice any damage on it. Every device has a lifetime and so does a carbon monoxide detector. So make sure to change it every ten years.

6. Keep the carbon monoxide detectors clean. Dirt and dust particles often get stuck in the detectors which reduces their functioning. You should also use covers for smoke alarms.

7. Never paint your smoke detector as it covers the sensors of the alarm causing it to stop functioning.

8. Home fires spread from one part to another quickly. Hence it is advisable to interconnect the smoke alarms that will sound an alert in every room and providing enough time to evacuate.

9. Keep your house free of unnecessary combustible and inflammable substances.

10. Along with installing the carbon monoxide detectors, keep an evacuation plan ready when the alarms go off in case of a mishap.

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