The Safest Way Of Having Fire Alarm Servicing Carried Out

Fire alarm servicing is one of the most critical aspects of fire safety, and a great deal of the Fire Safety Order is given over to covering the installation, configuring, testing and servicing of fire alarms. There is no doubt whatsoever that fire alarms save lives, and in almost every single case it is the fire alarm which will be the first way in which fire may be detected, and staff alerted to evacuate the premises.


But without proper fire alarm testing or fire alarm servicing it is very easy for fire alarm systems to fail. Modern fire alarm systems are no longer complex spider webs of cables and wires, and a great deal easier than older systems used to be. However, they can still go wrong, fuses may fail, dust or dirt may get into detectors or sensors, building maintenance may interfere with cables and a faulty electricity supply may render a section of the fire alarm system inoperative. It’s even been known for insects and rats to chew through cabling.


There are only two ways in which it is possible to identify that a fire alarm is no longer working, or no longer working as it should be. The first is extremely expensive, and it’s the hardest way to learn that your fire alarm system was not working. Quite apart from any human risk, a faulty fire alarm may mean that not only is a business premises destroyed, along with products, data and other essential aspects of the business, but insurance policies may not be valid unless appropriate fire alarm servicing was regularly undertaken in full compliance with the FSO.


The Fire Safety Order requires businesses and organisations to test the fire alarm on a weekly basis. One of the best ways of having this done is to take advantage of a fire alarm servicing contract available from a reputable fire safety company who will then be able to schedule weekly visits to carry out appropriate fire alarm testing, and to provide fire alarm servicing as and when necessary, but certainly every few months.


There are several benefits from having a contract arrangement with a fire alarm servicing company, because for false alarms, emergency callouts or in a case where building maintenance or developments may require a change to the configuration of the fire alarm system, this will usually be covered by the contract itself, saving a not inconsiderable sum of money.


Fire alarm servicing companies should be able to help carry out fire alarm testing in a regular way which ensures that different locations within the business are tested routinely to ensure that every location benefits from a fully working fire alarm system. It is all too easy to get into the habit or simply pressing the test button in the reception area and assuming that if the alarm works in that area, it will be working right across the whole building.


A professional fire alarm servicing company will be able to monitor and assess the effectiveness of your fire alarm in a way which will not only provide complete security for the business and for those working in the business, but also full compliance with the requirements of the insurance company.

SAFE I.S. provide comprehensive fire alarm systems and professional fire alarm servicing to suit all requirements nationwide.



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