Automatic Fire Alarm Systems: The Dawn of a New Era

Fire safety precautions and measures are a big concern today worldwide. Emergency services and fire alarm panels are designed in a way to alert people about the fire as well as to control the situation. In the concentrated situation of urban areas and with upcoming office complexes, shopping malls, hospitals, hotels and many such buildings – it has become necessary to follow the safety and precautionary measures for fire accidents. To serve the purpose, fire alarm system is an advanced and fool-proof technique.

A few years back, we were familiar with various manual techniques to alert people in case of fire. And the same practices were used to control the speed of the fire. After an era of manual pull buttons, glass stations and many such techniques, we have come across automatic fire alarm panels that are much better than the manual procedures in all respective. Although fire brigade is an excellent way out to control the fire but what if the team could not reach the accident area on time?

Here come the heat detectors, smoke detectors and flame detectors into play. These automatic systems are manufactured with LED lights or ionizing chambers, which are very sensitive in detecting any find of heat, smoke or fire.

The trend started with LED fitted smoke detectors or fire alarm systems. Whenever there is a fire, the smoke blocks the path of LED light and it triggers a bell. But sometimes, the technology fails when there is a fire or excess of heat but no smoke.

To serve the purpose, the ionizing fire alarm systems are much better. These are fitted with two separate plates charged negative and positive (to attract protons and electrons). In case of fire or heat, the electronically charges plates fait to attract electrons and the automatic fire alarm systems starts ringing the bell.

With advancements in technology, these automatic fire alarm systems or smoke detectors are being fitted with water sprinklers. It is an added advantage that whenever the fire alarm panel will ring in case of fire, the sprinkler will shower at the same place where the fire / heat / smoke is detected. This way, this hi-tech device also helps us to control the situation. Record reveal that the heavy implementation of these fire alarm systems and smoke detectors has resulted in a heavy fall of fire accidental cases.

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