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Recent years, Qunsiqunshang of fire accidents have occurred, such as the Liaoning Fuxin City Art Gallery of dance halls, Karamay Friendship Hall, Henan Jiaozuo City Paradise video Club, Luoyang East are commercial, Harbin days Lake Hotel and so on. One common lesson is safe evacuation routes are security doors, security network block, exit is locked, causing people to escape when the fire broke nowhere, causing heavy casualties. Fire fighting and rescue time and again, all must first remove security doors, iron fence window to rescue the trapped workers, missed the best time to fire.

Safety unblocked to solve the problem, the need to address peacetime use and management of evacuation and fire safety issues of consistency, hard work rely on administrative measures, technical measures must be taken to address security issues evacuation routes and exits are not blocked. This requires a security system, it can happen in the absence of fire can play a role in anti-theft security, and when the fire Shiyou by appropriate measures to enable people to escape in time to address fire and security requirements in the management of the contradictions. Automatic alarm fire escape door system is such a new product came into being, for there is no fire / security systems for small hotels, cafes and other public gathering places, as well as fire linkage system or burglar alarm linkage system, the large hotel , dance halls, hotels, department stores and public places, the installation of automatic fire alarm evacuation emergency exit door security system is to solve one of the best methods of control. At present Beijing’s public security fire department and other areas are beginning to strongly recommend the use of such products in public places.

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Voice alarm-type fire escape lock Hardware Co., Ltd. Shanghai East crown introduced voice alarm fire escape-type locking system is not only to staff in the fire fast escape, but also play a security role in the usual special device, is a secure emergency exit type alarm fire escape door system. The event of fire or other emergency, simply press the emergency escape button, the door opened immediately, or as long as the pressure bars more than 5 seconds, people are free to access. At this point, install the door speaker will sound the fire tone, the two systems will also inform the staff. When the door is destroyed, the alarm system will automatically send alarm, while with the fire command center, security control center linkage, on the great anti-theft purposes.

Recommended reason: The product has a burglar alarm, and fire control system linkage and so on. The fire occurs, the fire escape door type alarm system will automatically send through the fire escape position linkage voice prompts. Accurately determine the user location to ensure escape from the fast out of danger, there is a certain security requirements for fire access, small business groups, small shopping malls, supermarkets, city supermarkets, cafes, restaurants and other small business.

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