All About Home Alarms

Crime rates are on the rise. Break-ins and robberies are becoming all too common. The word safe doesn’t have as much cache as it once did in the not so distance past. All of this is alarming, even disturbing news. But, there are ways to prevent becoming a victim of a home break-in. Today, more people than ever before are looking into home alarm systems. Whereas some twenty years ago, home alarms were reserved for the upper echelons of society, those who had the wealth and wherewithal to purchase such a system, today they’ve become extremely affordable. They are actually quite ubiquitous nowadays.

Many homeowners are aware of the simple fact that homes with alarm systems are much less likely to be targeted by thieves. The plain truth is that thieves are nothing but excellent opportunists. The presence of a home alarm puts a damper on their opportunity. As they don’t want to be caught a home alarm is a major turn-off.

So how do you go about choosing the right system for your home? It can be pretty confusing as there are a number of different options and all the choices are sometimes too much to handle.

Your basic home alarm system comes with sensors, placed at doors and windows and a main control panel. These may be hard wired systems or wireless. The latter is becoming a more popular choice because of the ease and facility of installation and also, they can be moved and reconfigured without much fuss. Hard wired systems are a good choice if you’re having a new home built.

Think about where you want to place your control panel. This is important because the control panel is the brains of the system. Some people place their panels near their front door. This is convenient because it’s easy to arm and disarm on your way in or out. However, some crafty thieves may find this configuration advantageous because they can easily dismantle the system from the outside.

Consider whether you want monitoring or not. This option means your home will be monitored 24 hours a day seven days a week. There is a monthly fee involved. However, you can opt for a simpler sensor system with a dialer that connects to your phone line and dials the police or other emergency services if someone does break into your home.

A system with ultrasonic sensors will be able to detect movement inside the house, not just intrusions as your doors and windows. Some alarms can actually partition areas of your house into zones so that some areas are always armed.

You can easily get a panic button or several installed. These will automatically alert the police or other emergency services once pressed. Motion sensors and sound detectors are also more affordable options. These can be installed as separate components and usually flash on lights when triggered.

Finally, for added protection and companionship, you could even get a dog, as barking is a deterrent. But don’t rely on your pooch entirely. They may become scared and retreat.

The home security system you choose depends on your needs. Find out more about what type of home alarm system you should get by calling ADT today.



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