Automatic Alarm System In The Application Of High

Mankind has entered the 21st century, with the development of national economy and comprehensive national strength, quality of life was greatly improved living conditions and living Environment Also be significantly improved. As science and technology, control technology and communication technology development and application of high-speed, automatic control technology, sensor technology has been widely used in industrial and civil buildings, so that the building also has a certain amount of intelligence. And web technology as the core of the rapid penetration of information technology has greatly expanded the buildings of the development space, built in the national group after group of intelligent residential quarters. Under Intelligent Building Development needs, countries in the July 3, 2000 issued the “Intelligent Building Design Standards”, automatic fire alarm system as one of the content.

As urban expansion, urban land resources are scarce, large-scale residential district of more integrated into Tall Buildings Group, that skirt the Siamese, and more high-rise residential building in the skirt, the skirt and a shopping mall and other public buildings. Wangjing northeast of Beijing in a cell, for example, total construction area of more than 70 million square meters, with building underground Car Library, skirt with supermarket, mall, restaurants, entertainment, banking, high-level part of the residential and office buildings by the composition of a few. Population growth in buildings, gas, electrical equipment, appliances devices and the use of public insecurity, are a fire danger on the lives and property in residential communities great threat. Therefore, it was more urgent to ask district facilities and management of property in the adoption of effective measures to meet the increasing demands of security.

Order to effectively ensure the safety of life and property of residents in the integrated residential and residential district of the means of the introduction of the intelligent management of security precautions. Smart home, the security system is mainly composed Security Systems and fire protection systems (automatic fire alarm and control system) component. Particularly high-rise building in the event of fire, causing casualties and economic losses are very heavy. Therefore particularly important in high-rise building fire safety measures.

Usually for the convenience of management, residential fire center should be built in the property management center, the group set fire duty room floor high-rise buildings, residential fire duty room within the automatic fire alarm control (regional aircraft or lower machine) and the Fire the center control console (centralized machine or host computer), through the cell network to form a whole, the entire system should be considered decentralized control, centralized management of the structural layout. Through engineering design, automatic fire alarm system can achieve the following functions:

One, building fire alarm system features:

In accordance with the Fire Code, in the underground garage located Temperature Detector , Manual fire alarm and emergency broadcast; the podium shopping, banking, entertainment, etc. located Smoke Detector , Manual alarm, and set the speaker for the usual background music, fire, emergency broadcast. In high-rise residential development, in the elevator room, public corridors and public places smoke detector layout, manual alarm, emergency radio equipment, in the stairwell doors on each floor set alarm flashing lights (or the sound and light alarm), the senior housing bedroom, study and living room, etc. located smoke detectors. In all public places are equipped with fire hydrant fire hydrant box Kai pump emergency button.

Linkage fire alarm system control (control of fire control logic relations see table), which are mainly the following:

Types of equipment controlled alarm control system equipment and equipment location and shows the result after the action

Fire water system and hydrant button to start the fire hydrant pump pump house

Alarm valve pressure switch starts pump spray pump

Flow indicator (alarm, determine the fire floor) Water branch pipe

Valve repair signal (alarm, reminder note) Water branch pipe

Water pressure fire water level or start and stop pumps, regulators

Pre-Action system in the region detectors or manual alarm button to start the pre-valve filling the role of the region

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