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Part of fire protection products includes fire prevention materials and fire related products, is the addition of fire engines and other fire-fighting Alarm A category outside the system, widely used in construction, types and diverse. Fire prevention materials are public safety products, product quality and economic development and people’s lives and property are closely related. Once the fake fire building materials in use, will constitute a long-term harm social public security environment. The following were from the Interior (TodayHot) Decoration Building materials with fire prevention, fire-retardant wire and cable, insulating material, fire retardant paint and fire doors a few aspects of analysis, through analysis of a typical fire Accident , Talk about fake fire building materials used in construction after the building’s fire safety threat.

1, interior decoration materials with fire
Interior decoration with a fire involving a wide range of materials, from floors, carpets, the curtains, wallpaper wall covering, to furniture, wood, and then to the ceiling, keel, sound-absorbing material and so on. From all building fire situation, interior decoration materials in general is not a major fuel fire, nor is it the first item ignited, but the decoration materials in the spread of fire, combustion played a very important role.

Characteristics of these materials is used in building large, and most of the polymer material or polymer material containing, if no fire-retardant treatment, these materials can easily emitted in the combustion process a large number of toxic smoke, fire largely reduced visibility, preventing people to escape, the flue gas contains CO, halogen acid gas, cyanide, etc., can quickly cause human death, causing great casualties. In addition, the use of large amount of these materials on fire, it can quickly burn, and be able to shortly a closed room where air (HotTag) form a flashover, then ignited the adjacent room, roof, corridors and so on, rapidly expanding the scale of fire .

2005 6 10, Shantou City, Guangdong Province, South China Hotel Chaonan a big fire occurred, causing 31 people were killed and three seriously injured. After analysis after that, leading to the big fire of a very important factor is that the decoration of this hotel in the extensive use of flammable materials. Wood ceilings, Plastic Wall, there are mattresses, which are flammable materials burn smoke very large, so a half hour after the fire, spreading smoke throughout the floor after he swallowed the third and fourth floors. When firefighters rushed inside the hotel, apart from the smoke, see anything clearly. Subsequently found, respectively, was in bed and the bathroom was smoke smoked dead alive, risked their lives to rescue has more than 20 fire officers and soldiers, policemen has been choking smoke stunning, with four firefighters were sent to hospital treatment. Thick toxic smoke, is the main cause of 31 deaths.

2005 12 25, Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, Tanzhou Honolulu restaurant fire in which 26 people were killed and 11 wounded. It is understood that the restaurant operator awareness of the lack of fire safety, unlicensed operation, restaurant area did not, the operator would end up the construction of the sandwich, resulting in a very crowded field, no place to escape after the fire, causing casualties. In addition, the bar with no windows, only two doors, two doors may not open to the evacuation direction, and one of the door was already broken. Another fire in between the layers of bars on the first floor and only a narrow staircase, and fire source just blocked the stairs leading to the mezzanine of the people can not escape. It is understood that lead to the fire accident, and failure of the Bar of decoration materials have great relations. The use of large quantities of flammable materials, bar decoration, and cushions, wall and so to use sound-absorbing cotton sponge, fire, these finishing materials emit a lot of carbon monoxide and other toxic gases, asphyxiation and death can easily result in staff.

Can be seen from the above, failed to use fire in decorative building materials can give a tremendous fire hazard, the fact that blood has been to alarm us, and therefore meet the beautiful decoration, while decoration materials must be strictly focus on the fire performance, and resolutely put an end to fake fire decoration materials used in construction.

2, flame retardant cable

With the development of power industry,

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