Important Smoke Alarm Maintenance Tips

It isn’t just a cliche, smoke alarms really do save lives and the proper maintenance can help prevent fires in the home. Take a few minutes to read through this article and then a few more to implement the suggested tips-you’ll be glad that you did.

When you choose an alarm, you will be able to find both alarms that run on batteries, and ones that run on household currents. Ionization ones are more effective when it comes to detecting fires that spread and consume quickly, like most kitchen and paper fires. Photoelectric ones are more effective when it comes to fires that are slow smoldering, and combo alarms are equally good at detecting both types. Since you can never predict which type of fire you will have in your home, it is a good idea to have both types of smoke detection technologies installed.

Smoke alarms should be installed on every floor of the house including the basement and should be positioned so that they can easily be heard. Smoke alarms should not be installed near windows, doors, or anywhere where moving air can interfere with them. If your smoke alarm seems extra sensitive and frequently goes off when you are cooking, consider purchasing an alarm with a hush button that you can push when this happens. Unplugging or deactivating your smoke alarm is dangerous, because you never know when a fire will occur, and the alarm provides you with the early warning that you need in order to make sure that you and your family have time to evacuate the house safely if necessary.

Most smoke alarms are easy to install and come with instructions. Smoke alarms that are hard wired should be installed by a professional electrician, and you should never connect a smoke alarm to a circuit that can be turned off and on from a wall switch. Once a month, you should test your smoke alarms by pushing the test button, and should replace the batteries at least once a year. Smoke alarms are important and essential for any home and help to prevent many fire related deaths every year. Don’t take chances when it comes to your family and your home, purchase a smoke alarm for every floor of your house today if you haven’t already, and be sure to follow the helpful maintenance tips included by the manufacturer as well as the ones found in this article.

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