Fire Remote Monitoring System, Analysis Of The Problems

Fire remote monitoring system of technical problems. At the technical level, the domestic market of automatic fire Alarm Products of many manufacturers, model complexity, the factory system, the external physical interface, communication protocol format, content differ, which has brought great challenges to the networking, resulting in parts of the fire remote monitoring system “picky eaters” to happen, only access to some manufacturers of some products, and some even have to network to connect users to purchase ancillary equipment.

Services exist. Currently the city has been in operation long-range fire control system, network system manufacturers and operators in the service side to improve the transparency of the many Internet users complain that they are not in addition to any other monthly Jiaoqian services, which shows, networking system users in the network failed to do much. And is again networking system vendors to provide software and services provided by operators monotonous, limited to some basic alarm, fault reporting system, it may not even report no. In this regard, there are operators that should make full use of networking that goes to the fire, using software as a carrier platform networking services to diverse range of services, key units to regional fire management services. For example, to be reported under this area of the massive number of basic units daily statistics, analysis, given the fire for some time the focus. Or a unit under test data to determine fire safety facilities unit change problems, and specific corrective one, each network unit to provide the fire policy, news, knowledge and even the fire-fighting equipment products consulting.

The city fire department fire remote monitoring system application problems poor overall efficiency. Some fire department response to the various application systems are mainly designed for the operational level, for management and decision-making level, fewer features, not supporting leadership Energy Decision making. Meanwhile, all the data from separate applications, standards are not unified, “information island” is widespread, greatly affect the overall efficiency of the system of play. Communicate Scheduling equipment technology is relatively backward, the lack of unlimited communication scheduling integration platform, can not achieve control over the seats, multi-channel access control and multi-system problems. While the video monitor with the video image transmission networking features, but can not be transferred in the command center of the unified look, switching, control. No unified command Graphical integrated application platform. Vehicle location, geographic information query, fire fighting and rescue decision support system combines integrated decision support system behind.

The current Internet network Virus Flood, total network system means more and more, how to make fire safety in the city safe and reliable remote monitoring system for network services unit is placed in front of the fire department a problem. The face of internal security challenges, infection risks, technical challenges and the challenges of the illegal invaders, set up remote monitoring system of the city fire department not only to raise awareness of the importance of information security, Resume Network Information Security The basic operation of the system; should actively applying all cash technologies such as firewalls, virtual private network (VPN) technology, encryption technology, security, isolation technology.

Fire remote monitoring system for the current existing problems, a company would like introduced FASTView Security Fire Facilities centralized network monitoring and management system of “five feature” has been able to solve more perfect. “Five Function” inspection functions, including fire safety facilities, fire Security Management Function, real-time alarm reception, integrated information support functions, fire law enforcement supervision. The system can quickly and accurately to prevent fire incidents. In the telecom operators are already successful online business communications.

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