Top 3 Advantages of Having a House Alarm

There are numerous advantages to having a house alarm system other than the most obvious ones you may think of. There are many types of house alarm systems available on the mark such as burglar alarms, fire alarms and carbon monoxide alarms which all come with specific advantages. Though they are expensive, the overall benefits massively outweigh the costs. Many companies will fully install a house alarm system for you so you start reaping the rewards without having to get out your own tool kit but what exactly are the advantages?

Protection from Intruders
The most obvious and biggest advantage of a house alarm system is the complete security it offers and overall protection it can give to your home. It also brings huge relief and peace of mind when you’re at or away from home as you know that your valuables and loved ones are secure. Just a simple sign outside your house stating that you have a house alarm system will deter opportunist criminals and burglars as they know they’re very likely to trigger a loud alarm and a subsequent visit from the police. Also modern day house alarm systems are very smart, when an intruder is detected it will alert the security company that installed the system, they will contact you asking if it’s a serious situation or if the alarm was accidentally set off then they will either call the police or de-activate the alarm based on what you tell them. This helps you to stay secure and quickly notify the police so you’ll never be left insecure in your home.

Fire and Carbon Monoxide Alarms
Whilst there are hundreds of types of house alarms currently available, carbon monoxide and fire alarms are often overlooked by many people. Most people have smoke alarms installed that can help to detect a fire early on . But without a carbon moxide alarm your home could fill up with the silent, colourless and odourless gas that can leak from faulty gas pipes or central heating devices. It is impossible to detect leaking carbon monoxide without a carbon monoxide alarm and when you start to feel the symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning, it’s often too late.

Lower Costs and Higher Value
Financially a house alarm makes perfect sense, why? It can considerably reduce your home insurance premium as your house is secure and connected to dedicated security teams. It can also increase the re-sell value of your property and attract buyers as peace of mind and home security is truly priceless.

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