An Introduction to Fire Alarm Systems

The goal of this book is to give a basic understanding of a fire alarm system. It was written with the goal of orientating, not just someone with basic electrical installation experience, but also someone with no experience in any trade. The topics covered in this book include:

•The basic types of fire alarm system and how the system integrates with other systems, such as HVAC, security doors, fire smoke dampers and purge fans.

•The components that make up the fire alarm system such as the Fire Alarm Control Unit, Smoke and Heat Detectors, Water Flow Devices, Sprinkler Control Valve Tamper Switches, Projected Beam Smoke Detectors, Air-Sampling Type Smoke Detectors and other initiating devices.  In addition, various notification appliances are described such as horns and strobes, speakers, and bells.  

•Wiring diagrams describing how the fire alarm devices work and how the devices interconnect.  The purpose and idea behind the end-of-line resistor.  The difference between zoned or conventional fire alarm system and addressible fire alarm system.  In addition, wiring diagrams are used to describe how monitoring modules and control modules work and integrate with other building systems, such as shutting down an air handling unit upon activation of an associated alarm.

•Wiring and installation methods as per the National Electrical Code and NFPA.  Images are used to show various examples of NEC 760 compliant installations.  

•Fire alarm floor plans, riser diagrams and matrix of operations.  Using actual fire alarm plans, this book describes the symbols used in a fire alarm installation, as well as describing the function of the riser diagram.  More importantly, this book explains how to read a matrix or input/output matrix.

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