NICET Fire Alarm Systems Level 1 Study Guide

Don’t take the NICET Fire Alarm Systems Level I Certification Exam until you study this guide….

This study guide includes…

  1. 150 questions + DETAILED solution to the question including the method to which you arrive at the answer and the reference code (NFPA 72, NEC 2011 and OSHA standard).
  2. Each question is a multiple choice (most are 4 choices) similar to the format of the actual NICET exam.
  3. Challenging questions to get you ready for the actual exam.

“If you are going to study something, study this guide to pass!”


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  1. I bought this study guide and I have found a wrong answer. On question #118, you give “B” as the answer but it should be “A” FPLR.

    There was another question that I found that was not correct. Whenever I come across it I will send it to you.

    Thanks for the study guide.

    • Barret, I apologize for the very late response. An update to the NICET study guide is in the works. I appreciate your input and concern and will make sure to make those corrections on the next book release.

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