Smoke Detection For Fire Alarm Equipment


10.15* Protection of Fire Alarm System. In areas that are not
continuously occupied, automatic smoke detection shall be
provided at the location of each fire alarm control unit(s),
notification appliance circuit power extenders, and supervis-
ing station transmitting equipment to provide notification of
fire at that location.

The idea behind requiring smoke detection above a fire alarm control panel or other equipment described above is to allow the equipment to initiate a fire alarm condition prior to be destroyed or affected by a fire.  In many cases, such as a hotel with constant supervision, this requirement can be exempted as long as that person has a manual means of initiating an alarm. However, there are many other conditions, such as an smoke detection fire alarm system for fire suppression (FM200).  In the picture below, we have a fire alarm system for a fire suppression system (FM200). A smoke detector can be seen directly above the fire alarm control unit; in the event that a fire originates within the enclosure, the smoke detector will initiate an alarm condition allowing emergency response to be notified before the system is incapacitated by the fire.


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