Smoke Detectors for Door Release Service

Below we have a video of doors releasing upon activation of smoke detectors within the vicinity of the doors.  The purpose of such action (release doors) is to help ensure the doors close to prevent smoke from spreading to other areas of a building.

The requirements for the placement of such smoke detectors vary depending on the design.  If the smoke doors must close in response to smoke flowing in either direction in the corridor, NFPA 72 contains specific requirements for detector location. In addition, NFPA 72 includes an image showing the required location of such detectors as well as the amount of detectors needed.  For example, if the depth of wall section above the door is 24 in. or less, NFPA 72 requires one ceiling-mounted detector on either side or one wall-mounted detector on each side. Smoke detectors that are used exclusively for smoke door release service shall be located and spaced as required by Where smoke door release is accomplished directly from the smoke detector(s), the detector(s) shall be listed for releasing service. Smoke detectors shall be of the photoelectric, ionization, or other approved type. The number of detectors required shall be determined in accordance with through


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