NICET Certification Fire Alarm System Pop Quiz Question

While working on a Large Group B building I encountered a number of devices (smoke detectors) with dust/debris covers.  Below is a question to help you prepare for the actual NICET certification Fire Alarm Systems exam.  Feel free to comment below as to your approach to obtaining the answer.

Question: Where detectors are installed but not operational during construction, they shall be __________________________________.
(a) protected from construction debris, dust, dirt, and damage in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations.
(b) verified to be operating in accordance with the listed sensitivity.
(c) replaced prior to the final commissioning of the system.
(d) all of the above.

To answer this question, we use the index to locate our keyword: detectors, which points us to various types of detectors.  Consulting keyword Smoke Detectors, leads us to Smoke Detectors -> Installation… to  Browsing each of those sections brings us to the correct answer: (d).



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